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There is no correct time to add these, some could build their level and as they are building could add in spawns as the map progresses and others could wait until the map is finished and then add them in.

I cannot say enough how important spawn placement is, if done wrong then your map might never get past first base – your creation can live or die on spawn placement so you really need to think about things once you place a spawn into your map. (Please don’t be lazy when putting down spawns)

So we have Single player / Coop spawns, & Multiplayer spawns which come in the choice of Team, Solo Deathmatch and Shared.

Let’s start with the single player maps which require a start point for one or two players (Always a White Spawn) depending how you have your map set up if you only place one spawn in the map it can still be played in COOP and both players would spawn together or you can have them apart by placing spawns at different locations.(only you can make that choice)
If you place multiple spawns in a solo / coop map then the player's will spawn randomly at any of these spawn points when the map starts, this can add to a different experience for the player if the map is set up to make good use of this option.
If a player dies in coop the other player has a limited time to get there and heal them, failing that the player will die and respawn next to their team mate - if both players die in coop it's game over and you would have to restart the map.

Once spotted by the enemy A.I. depending on the mode the map is published in the A.I. can trigger alarms or spawn further waves so an idea is to allow the players a little time and freedom to move around, get used to their surroundings – check what weapons they have or what they can find and then decide if they want to go loud or take a silent approach so think how you want your map to play first then look at what is around and which way the player will be facing once they enter the map for the first time.

If you want them straight in a hot zone and the waves to be spawned and a pure fire fight then that is your choice but remember if things are frustrating and chaotic and the player struggles to work out where to go then they could leave the map early or leave bad feedback at the end of their game.

At the same time don’t make things too easy by having the enemy having their backs turned everywhere the player goes, when placing a spawn drop straight into that area using the explore option and look around because that is what the player will see the instant that the map starts then think how you want things to play and go from there.

(TDM) Team 1=Blue / Team 2=Red / Shared=Red/Blue
Players will always first spawn at either Team 1 or Team 2 spawn points. For respawns the system will try to prioritize team-specific spawn points, but depending on some parameters (distance to enemies, line of sight, etc.), it might use Shared spawn points.
(DM) Shared spawn points Red/Blue - All players spawn and respawn at any Shared spawn point.

Players going out of bounds at the end of that warning / timer will die, in solo the map would restart, in coop you will respawn if your coop partner is still alive, in pvp you respawn.

For Multiplayer a good rule it to not have any spawns from opposite sides to be too close to spawns over looking one another and to try and eliminate all camping areas because the last thing you want is to spawn and have someone waiting behind you who will get a cheap kill as that will result in some leaving the game if it repeats too often.

Understand this it is easier for players to open up maps and look / make notes of where spawns are and believe us that if it is possible to sit camping with the correct weapons they will pick off any players that spawn in open areas or areas where they are exposed after spawning so try if possible to give spawns some kind of cover, players want to have that slight fraction of time when they are safe and allowed to make a decision as to the route they want to take.

Some maps are just so small and chaotic that you will get spawn killing but even these can be made harder to get by limiting ammo and making players have shorter ranged weapons.

With team games you do not want to make things un-fair so both teams if possible should take roughly the same amount of time to get to any objective points so in a symmetrical map even in Team Death Match if you have a central feature / area then you want both Red & Blue teams to have similar times on foot or by vehicle to reach this area otherwise one has an advantage and can get control and possibly dominate and lock down an area which is unfair – believe me balanced maps are worth their weight in gold and we can both say that we would prefer to play a map with a good layout which is balanced than a map which looks amazing but has poor spawn placement and is badly balanced so have some confidence in your work, get the layout and spawn placement right and you have gone a great distance to making a good map already.

Where spawning a whole team together is concerned be very careful because if a small group of players can get behind them they will then drop them like a lead balloon because it takes longer to turn around 180 degrees than it does for the enemy to shoot them in the back so try to split any grouped spawns and also place a couple slightly behind any small grouped spawns and angled so that if anyone does somehow get behind enemy lines to a spawn area at least you have a fighting chance on any initial spawn – also look at the weapons you spawn with that would give the player an instant chance should this ever happen.

Any player feeling helpless when spawning several times in a row the chances are they will not want to play your maps again so always look at giving that initial protection spawns and note that a lot of spawns once you place them a large percentage walk in that direction on starting, we have even seen some situations on solo death match spawns where there has been a thick tree and a player at each side with their backs turned on one another and rarely do they get to kill each other as the tree provides that split second of cover and with one player moving forward should the other turn with the time it takes if the layout is good the player been targeted can get away and have options to not be seen.

If you play some maps and feel they are really balanced then download them and look in the editor at how they placed their spawns and try to learn from what you see.