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Escape Wildwood SE (MASSIVE MAP)

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Joined: 12/04/2012
I have just finished a new escape map titled "Escape Wildwood SE."  One of the rad challenges has a boat on a fence, and the players must push barrels onto the front of the boat to tilt it off the fence to use later. (There are 8 never been done before challenges like this one and some imported from my fc3 puzzles.)

I've always put priority on creating new gameplay puzzles over length of a map, but theres something to be said about maps like Real Course's and Get2TheEnd's. 

So I set out to make the longest escape map ever.  There are 50 challenges, some length in 3-5 minutes to complete. The best escape player (Flow Of Ideas) took 4 hours to beat the map... with some help.) Average players will probably run in the 6-12 hour territory.

I might put up some pictures later. Make sure you download the SE version, as its the finished one. Good luck if you have time to play it.

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