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I do not know a great deal about snake because of the Language Barrier, Unfortunately my French has not got any better and I am unsure if his English has improved - I do at times use an online translator but these so often don't get the full message over properly.

I guess I could always ask Jumodu to be an interpreter as his written English is excellent.

Watch out people snake5112 is back on the scene and is currently all over Far Cry 2 - This guy is a map making machine when he is in full flow - and he seems to be able to put his talents to anything where creativity is concerned.

From Kart Tracks with custom made Karts

To collapsed buildings and trains

He is also not a selfish mapper, his work above has reference to different map authors as you walk around the map.

When I had my previous PS3 Console I used to see a lot of his maps, he would host regularly - you just never know what your going to get with a snake map, it seems these last few weeks he has updated a lot of his older maps and given them a face lift and new life span at the same time.

Check out his maps below.


*The LaGoN* (r)



Farm Escape* COOP


*I am Alive*

*Mickey Mouse*

CDG: Battle Glitch

The Last Of US


*Deluxe Base* (r)

Adams Family

*Brutal jungle* (R)


*Stop time* V.2

Red dead redemption

*Skull Race*

*SiLeNt HilL*

*Final Laps*



* Fun-ExoTiC *

*Karting Oasis*

*The Wind* (R)

*Age de Glace*


*Holywood Oasis*

*CaStLe Frontal*1764

*1890* Trafic

*Giant MansioN*

*Crysis 2*

MW2( Afghan ) (r)



*Red Bull*

*School Ghost 2 *


*Small Train*


He had a good back catalogue, I remember the 1st map I ever saw hosted online by snake5112 which was the Crocodile map below.

Crocodile Dundee

*Liberty* was a contest entry for Big Fookin Bridge

*Deep Impact* another nice bridge map

*Turtles Escape*ZOO has various animals in a zoo type setting

Super Mario 3D

Echec Paradise