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Joined: 07/20/2006
PSN Username's  X_maxpower - Mo_Ron - nikoIV - Battlemap_net

Maxpower has consistently pushed out quality maps on the PS3 console, he has been at the forefront of creativity for us SONY Far Cry 2 players, along with several others he has done us proud.
The maps he has made have been clean and well put together; he has mixed things up with all kinds of styles from indoor maps like Last Outpost to explore maps like Treasure Hunt, crazy maps like Duck Hunt and serious maps like Max D-day. It seems that he will try anything and everything.
Maxpower has also constructed some maps on the PC with this game and I hear they are equally as good - He also purchased an Xbox 360 & I know he did a remake of his Grove Street map on that platform. 

There could be another 20 maps or more that I have not added, the ones below show a wide range from his portfolio and also show that creative spark he has.

Epic Epoch (COOP map with Jumodu, akilyoung, Sabotur)

Deth Qube Defender

Grove Street

Hamburger Hill

Madden NFL10


Road Warrior
Gangs Of New York
Turnpike Terror
Surf War
MW2 Terminal (COOP map with DEEZ)
Max D-Day
Atlantis project v1
Farm Country
Hellevator Party
Big $hot v1
Atrium Chaos
Atrium Nirvana
Max's Iwo Jima
Turf War
Frontera Loco
Compound Fractured
Treasure Hunt


Port Royale


Medieval Massacre (COOP map with Robeir1983)

Halo Killer

War Memorial
 (COOP map with SupaScoopa_)

XBOX 360

Grove Street 360