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Joined: 07/20/2006
The Govener goes back to 2006 on this site, he has produced maps on Far Cry Evolutions, Predator and Far Cry 2 (I am unsure if he published any on Instincts)
Gov is an excellent host, although I have only joined a few times on FC2 - He is renowned for his unselfishness in often putting other people's maps ahead of his own in his playlist.

Just looking around his maps today in the editor there were a handful I had not seen before, Murphys Law is an all indoor map that is very neat and well put together, I loved that - GWONDER and of the sun were 2 more maps I had not viewed, The older ones like Minatour and Forgotten Giant are excellent, I was also happy to see River City Redux - the Instincts/Predator Ubisoft map - shame we don't have the jetski to ride around on.

Gov is a really honest guy who is always doing stuff for others in the scene, He is another that should be catapulted amongst some of the map makers who constantly promote their work because his is equally as neat / detailed and his maps that I have played have been great with the right numbers they were created for.

He ran his own site FarCry Soup for a couple of years and is a solid face on the 360 - those that have join his room will know that it is a mixture of fun with a tint of competitiveness on quality maps - It is people like The Govener that make the far cry community so excellent.

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