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FC3 Xbox Map Creativity 1 - This is the first one of these creativity showpieces I have done in a very long time - I thought it best to do different authors but will eventually concentrate on individual mappers from time to time & will also look at the PS3 side of things.

Far Cry 3 is what it is and I guess we just have to try and see the positives - those who are still around and who are very creative and push out detailed work will get some exposure with these Creativity Posts, we can also start an area for people to nominate maps which should help others get their work out there for us that might not know the names or have not heard of the maps.

Right here we go then - lets get straight into it, I thought it best to try and comment on each map - so don't take anything said the wrong way.

Mines Of Moria LOTR by longridr

What an amazing piece of work this map is, I have seen the LOTR films and can relate to the monsters / characters in this map, The whole area at first feels huge but when you spend some time walking around you find shortcuts going back to key areas - This is very creative - I would like to know how many hours roughly it took from start to finish.

Here is a video by RobertCram

Suspension by Mikk Q

WoW this looks even better than his map on FC2 which this is a remake of, Beautiful scenery, you can get down under the main bridge where you find water flowing underneath - it all looks really nice, shame there are no vehicles in FC3 as this would have been a lot more fun for running people over.

Here is a vid I found on YouTube

Ghostbusters Co Op 1 by MotherBumper1 and xxDeathWeaponxx.

This is a COOP map with Death Weaponxx & MotherBumper1 - The Stay Puff Marshmallow Man is superb.
Some odd things in this map like the blue floor and blue mist - I am unsure if there are lights working in places that can't be seen - this has a fun vibe to it - nice to see people work together on maps.

Another vid I managed to find.

Jumbo Jet 2 MRG by Mike G Live

This is another map which was popular on FC2 and has been remade on FC3 - Mike G Live is another really talented guy with the editor
The map has different ways to get around the decks and you can even get onto the top of the plane or the wings - Its all good stuff and nice work, should be explosive in a match on this.

Video Here


DEATH WEAPONxx is another gifted individual who is among the most talented with detail and creativity - I often wonder if there is anything some of these guys can't produce from the editor.
The 1st Avengers image is from the End Of Match Movie - the map has some really good visual pieces on show - I will be looking at more maps by some of these authors over the coming weeks.