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This guy I can remember from back on FCIP - always hosting and playing in maps he had created, with FC2 I spent most of my time on the PS3 Platform but have to say that whenever he created anything new he is one of those mappers that everyone wants to see what he has put together, the game needs people like this to push boundaries and show what can be achieved - one of a handful of mappers that appear to be able to create almost anything.


The video by Razor can take the heat off me so I will let that show the map and it's many areas on offer.


This map is amazing for it's custom created vehicles - Jeeps / Tanks / Boats and the Bridge also looks the part.
The map has the Vietnam atmosphere with the wooden huts, the setting is excellent.
One thing I like is the look of the water in places, it all works really well - Unfortunately I have not had a match on this yet but it does look excellent I have to say.
Mike G Live also does some very special areas for the End Of Match Movie to take place in & this is up there with the best of them IMO.


Set inside a large prison with outside areas, this must have been a nightmare to put together and get published - Another map I have not had a game in although looking around in the editor there are many areas that have access points that link to other areas so it might not be as hard as you first think in learning the layout.
Check Razor's video out to get a better look at this fine piece of work - watch out for the pool table.

Jumbo Jet 2 MRG

JUMBO JET 2 is a remake of his FC2 Map - this I believe was also an entry into the Remake Contest which so far never got any winners, with the draw distance in FC3 been a total nightmare I was surprised this ever got made - also I prefer this version over the FC2 map, an excellent re-creation which should be a crazy and hectic blast in MP.

Return of LivingDead - COOP Map by MOTHERBUMPER1 & MIKE G LIVE
FARCRYVIDEO Horror Theme Contest Winner

Thanks to MOTHERBUMPER1 for putting up this map, I was not aware that this was a COOP Project with Mike G Live - also didn't know that it won Razor's Contest.

So that's it for MIKE G LIVE so far, he has a map in his list called 30M longridr - I am unsure what that is about, it could be another COOP project and looks like a setting where someone else then adds in their own stuff in the central area - I might get some pics up of this (does anyone know the story behind the unfinished map ?)

If Mike produces anything new or if there are other COOP projects I missed - let us know and I will try and get things added.