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Hey anyone. I have been messing around in the map editor off and on. I am getting pretty far in building a full level. Not just a zone.
This video shows what I have done so far.
Crappy video that I took with my phone.

In the map you will start in a village. There will be multiple pathways to get to your objective which is an over run Temple built into a mountain that has Soldiers everywhere.
There is a cave near the village that cuts off half of the map and has a bigger weapon in it. Good luck getting it though.
There is a campsite with Ammo in the long direction, or you can cut across a bridge down by the waterfall. 
Enemies will be set up so that you will encounter multiple patrols before reaching the woods leading to the temple. You may encounter a couple of animals on the way as well.
This level uses the entire map area.
I am much further along than where this video shows. Please let me know what you think.
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