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Adding more vehicles into a map

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Ok this tutorial will explain the basics for putting more than 12 vehicles into a map for FCIP.
This is done using Taylor's map customizer.

I made this up very quick as a test but the way to do it properly is to make your map and finish everything but only place the vehicles in last.

Here is the process.

Add in your 12 vehicles then save the map (as an example save as - 12ATVs)

Now edit the map and remove the 12 vehicles and place them in different locations (one again save the map as an example save as - 24ATVs)

Repeat the step above - so again edit the map for a third time and remove the previous 12 vehicles and place them in different locations ( again & save the map (as an example save as - 36ATVs - See Below)

Step 1 - I have finished my map and placed in my 12 vehicles, then I saved the map named 12atv

Step 2 - I have edited the map and deleted the previous 12 vehicles & I then re-inserted them in different locations on the map and saved as 24atv

Step 3 - I repeated the above step and saved the map as 36atv

Step 4 You can see below I have all 3 maps uploaded into Taylors Map Customizer, the only difference is the locations of the vehicles in each map.

Step 5 - What we need to do now is edit the map in View XML Mode (remember if your map has different modes you must do this for each mode you want this to work in) Select the mode to edit and click the View XML tab (shown below)

Step 6 - This is how the map will look in View Xml mode, we need to find where the vehicles are listed.

Step 7 - The red line which I inserted below shows where the vehicles start, if you place vehicles last in a map they should show grouped together which makes things easier.

Step - 8 - Below I have highlighted the text for the vehicles which I will copy and paste into a Word Document, the idea is to open up all 3 maps and copy paste all the vehicle locations into one list then transfer that into one map which should then place all the vehicles in different locations working in the map.

Step 9 - I now have vehicles from the 1st map pasted into a word document below, where it says at the bottom, this is where the next lot of vehicles from the second map will go.
Note the Entity ID (from Step 8) starts at 51, this goes up one for each vehicle - eg 51 52 53 etc

Step 10 - The entity ID went from 51 - 62 (do the maths, it works out at 12 vehicles)
Then below you will see highlighted in blue that the Entity ID goes from 62 back to 51, what has happened is I have copy/pasted in the vehicles from map 2 into the word document.
You now have to individually change the text so it goes Entity ID 62, 63, 64, 65 etc.

Step 11 - After 24 vehicles the Entity ID should be at 74, so when posting in the third lot of text from the 3rd map you will see that the Entity ID goes from 74 back to 51.

Again the text needs changing so that it goes 74 75 76 77 (for each vehicles Entity ID)

Step 12 - Below shows the last vehicle in the XML list which has an Entity ID of 85
You could repeat the whole process if you want and add more vehicles, in my ATV Rain map there are approx 65 vehicles in the small area.

Step 13 - Once finished and all vehicles are entered and the text has been correctly altered, you can now save the map.

Step 14 - Once saved click on Rebuild map to create the map file with the changes added.

Step 15 - Switching back from View XML to View Tree you can now see all the vehciles added in the list below (the picture is not very clear unfortunately)

Step 16 -� Remember to Rehash & Resign your map otherwise it will show as damaged.

Step 17 - With the map now rehashed and resigned you can see it showing up & ready to play as in the picture below

Step 18 - In Game you can now see the 36 vehicles working in the map.

Step 19 - From a side view

Step 20 - As you see the vehicles work fine

You could alter the sizes of individual vehicles if needed
It was NaZz who explained to me how this process of adding extra vehicles was done, he also has a map in the database which has approx 100 weapons you can view it Here
It is a similar process where you change the Entity ID of any extra weapons added after the initial 50 allowed.

I hope this helps - it seems complicated but is actually easy to do.