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Altering Surface Textures

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This is something I am going to try and get some advice on.
Myself and Usel Niding (MinerWilly) on this site worked on the map Floaters.

Now the Terrain Texture path used was this. Textures_xbox\Lights\SpotLight.xbt
The result gives me the following shown in the picture below.

Now the thing is that Miner Willy somehow stretched this terrain texture into stripes, it uses the same text path but looks like this below.

I am hoping this can be explained so that people can play around and create some cool looking textures of their own, Also with Floaters the stripes were turned around the opposite way - I am unsure what was done to get this result.

I am curious to know if the blue tiles can be made bigger or smaller in the pic above using a similar method.

Lastly I am wondering about getting rid of grass and replacing it witha texture, On trying before the grass has shown through the new texture, Could it be that in the actual mode modded we select DetailGrass - TiledTexture: then replace this default path \InGameEditor\ingameeditortexture\Beach_DetailGrass.XBT

And replace it with the new texture path (also replacing the SurfaceType - Grass with the same path / texture, I wonder if this will work.