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To change the textures on the surface types (Cliff, Sand, Grass) you need to be able to extract the map file from your Xbox 360 to your PC where you can upload it into the map customizer and make the changes you require.

You then have to rehash and resign the file for it to work on Xbox Live, then send the file back to your Console to try it out.

For a demonstration I will quickly show you some of the process and try to explain how it is done.

Below in the picture I have a map I am going to use which is circled in Red. This map is in the map customizer - I just click on Edit to go to the next stage.

This displays the Level Data - I want to alter the Surface Type, you will notice circled in red are 3 arrows all saying Surface Type.
The Top Arrow is Sand
The Middle Arrow is Cliff
The Bottom Arrow is Grass
Select the arrow you want to make the changes, these changes will show in every game mode selected.

Usually the 3 standard paths are something similar to the ones below, I am not sure if they differ slightly depending which choice/type of map you choose from the start. (Beach/Swamp/Forrest/Jungle)

These paths for the original texture paint always show up in the same locations under Detail Texture:
By deleting and replacing the text or using Copy/Paste over the original text - providing the path you use is valid then you should get a different texture.

If you want the whole map to be the same then copy/paste the path into Sand,Grass,Cliff - or you can copy up to 3 different textures/paths - one into Grass, one into Cliff and One Into Sand - See my map Styldre Complex as this uses 3 different colours for each choice.

STEP 4. (Always Save)
When you make your changes you must save - just click the save tab as shown in the picture below.
This is the same for switching game modes - always save before leaving the customizer or before switching to a different area.

STEP 5. (Rebuild)
When complete you need to Rebuild the map - just click the tab and browse to where you want the map saved, this is the file that contains your changes (Please Note that once you have used this map customizer you will not be able to edit this file again in the game editor so always keep the original un modded file safe for a later date incase you need to alter something)

Lastly you just need to Resign and Rehash the map file as shown below.