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Detailed Grass Manipulation Effects

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Joined: 07/20/2006
Usel Niding (xbox live) Miner Willy in the forums here, found a neat and amazing discovery in replacing Detailed Grass.

Above - No Grass

There are also some crazy effects that he found.

You can see that the added effect is about the height of an ATV, it seems to replace the grass and move in a similar way, you can go prone and crawl or drive through the stuff as if it is not there.

I have only used the paths that Usel tried so I am unsure what other effects work or how different the pattern / effect will look.

Surface Types
Before we had Sand and Concrete which we could manipulate, the grass type always had grass showing through until Usel found that it could be removed, now we can use all 3 surface types and add in different effects in the same way that sky boxes are added.

I kept the info that Usel sent me so that we could post it in here for others to use.

Remember that DetailGrass
is under game modes and not under level data like the surface types.

By experimenting with sizes between about 0.1 and 0.01 some cool floors can be achieved. Size 0.1 looks a little like blooddrenched snow and size 0.01 is really huge and the pattern isn\t noticably repetitive.

Alter the DetailScaleX: and DetailScaleY: values. They can be found under: Level Data/Surfacee Types/Surface Type/. For sand X and Y are originally 0.4. The smaller the value is the bigger the image will appear. Try a value of 0.01 for a really big image!

It doesn\t work too well on a big open map because in the distance it will still be cliff as texture but on a map where you can\t look too far into the distance it look quite amazing!

I myself have not had much time at all to play around but I have some ideas for a few maps that might get made someday - thanks again for people sharing info they find, hopefully others will experiment and discover some other features from this.