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Miner found an amazing discovery when modding maps on Far Cry Evolutions.

He managed too get players and vehicles levitating, this works in a test map he put together on FCIP called Levitate.

In Levitate players are in an indoor type cylinder / tube made from large building pieces, The vehicles float on their own, for spawning players every time you press jump you float higher, eventually you get to the ceiling and can not go beyond that height, To get back down you touch one of the ziplines around the side and it takes you back to the floor.

You can even get inside the vehicle and drive it around while floating - Pretty crazy stuff.

From that map I had an idea for a crazy map which should be fun in STS mode so we are working on getting the map published sometime soon. Miner showed me a Beta version earlier which is from a really quick and simple idea in the editor - this worked better than I imagined, hopefully we can add in some other areas and still get the same results - Watch this space - we have a crazy coop map on the way.