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This one is a little harder to explain, basically you can have strange effects on either Water, Ground or Both.

Back in Theme Park on Far Cry Instincts FloW had the empty bullet cases bouncing all around on land and on the water he had the explosions which came from the predator generator, these particle effects as they are called are just animations taken from the single player game.

I do not know of many as it is all guess work, you have to find all the paths and try them out individually, some work and some don't.

D4D Styldre is the one to ask about this stuff, he also has a lot of code from the instincts game which can be looked through and sections can be tried.

Right now I will just give you 3 or 4 that I know work because people have used them.

Muzzle Flash - Ground

Muzzle Flash - Water

Explosion - Ground

Explosion - Water

These particle effects don't really do anything but in some maps they can look pretty cool - I think there will be many more that can be found but you need people that are interested in finding/trying these things out - for anyone playing around with these mods you are best off just using ones which already work, just take them from existing maps.

This is where you will find them.

Under the RAIN Tab half way down you get 2 boxes, one says ParticlesOnGround:
The other says ParticlesOnWater

Just put in the correct path and you will get them working, If you just want it on land then only put it in that box, or you can do just water - or both.

The standard path for ParticlesOnWater: is this. GFX_Particle_Bullet_Hit.GFX_Particle_Bullet_Hit_Water.GFX_Particle_Bullet_Hit_Water_Splash_Small
The standard path for ParticlesOnGround: is this. GFX_Particle_Bullet_Hit.GFX_Particle_Bullet_Hit_Water.GFX_Particle_Bullet_Hit_Water_Splash_Up_A


Right if you want the Muzzle Flash effect which is seen in Styldres D4D Mafia MQD map then type this or copy and paste it over the standard path.


If you want the bouncing bullet cases then use this path below.



The explosions which seem to be the small fireball and sparks that come out of the Predator Generator - use this path below.



Here are some to try, I am not sure if any of them work.





The picture above looks like water droplets, these can be found on my Sustain map in one of the game modes, I can't remember the path from the top of my head - I know you can get puffs of smoke and other stuff but I have not got time to play around with this stuff right now.


This is all work in progress so if someone finds anything cool that works list it down here and at a later date we can try and get some pictures and stuff.