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This customizer was written by Taylor who owns this site, it is invite only.

For those that have access the customizer can be found at the link below.

Map Customizer

Here is a brief tutorial for the basics, see other posts to find out about specific subjects.

Above is the screen you will get when you first enter the customizer (minus the maps already uploaded in my picture)

Click on the blue tab "upload map files to the editor" (circled red)

Now click the browse tab (circled in red above)
Then another box will pop up, browse to where your map is stored, then double click on the map or highlight the map and click open - as seen above.

Note - A map file will load up a lot faster if the file is zipped (compressed) using winzip or winrar - It also takes up less space.

Once you have browsed to the map click the upload tab as seen above, you will then see the map load into the customizer.

As you can see above I have just uploaded the map SDs Down Hill 4

Above I have circled 2 areas on the picture.
The one in the bottom left corner says Surface Types this is for altering the textures on the terrain. (see the thread which relates to this and you will learn the basics)

Now the other circle - top right says Level Data
Depending which modes the map allows, this is where they will show up in the drop down box.

By selecting a mode you can MOD the map so the changes will show in this mode only
You can make different changes for each individual mode or have the changes all the same for each mode.
By not making any changes the mode will show the default map when selected, any changes made will only show for the modes selected.

The main thing to remember is you must SAVE progress everytime you switch modes, or before leaving the customizer otherwise you will lose your progress.

One thing that is handy is to copy the original settings so if something does not work you can copy/paste the original text again.

You can see the SAVE TAB in the picture above.
Make sure the text that you use is correct as any spelling mistakes or spaces in the wrong area can mess things up.

Each time you SAVE the map you can leave and come back to the customizer at a later date, your changes will remain the same.

Once you have finished everything then use the REBUILD MAP tab, circled white above.

When you rebuild the map you will save the map file to a specific location which you choose.

This map will not yet work, first you must Re-Hash & Re-Sign the map file (which only takes seconds providing you have a working program)

Then transfer the file back to your 360 and you should be able to host the map and see the changes, please note that anyone that previously had the map file will not see the changes, they will see the map as it was before the changes.

For them to see the changes they must Delete and Re-Download the new map file.
Also note that once the map has been modified using Taylor's Customizer it is not possible to re-open the map in the Far Cry Game Editor (so keep a back up of the file just incase you want to change anything)

The above is just a basic guide - You will have to check individual topics to find out about Vehicle Modding and Skyboxes and other stuff.