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This was discovered a long time ago, someone tried the paths from the Far Cry Evolution Vehicles and pasted them into Far Cry Predator - it's pretty cool seeing the tiger stripe ATV and the Blue Jetski.

I thought the map customizer had a problem as I could not get these working - thanks to smoking frenzy for pointing me in the right direction so these now show in game.

All Vehicles are found under the Objects Tab - click the Blue Arrow to open up the list of Objects, Each vehicle will have it's name listed and you can click the blue arrow to the left of the Vehicle Name next to the word Entity.

The ATV above - This vehicle shows up as Buggy, the standard buggy has the following details.
EntityClass: buggy
Name: ground.Buggy0
Lower down under the vehicles properties you will find this.
tplCreatureType: vehicule_multi.ground.Buggy
To get the Tiger Stripe ATV you just have to add on _MP in two locations.
Make the text in the boxes listed above look like this below.
Name: ground.Buggy_MP0
tplCreatureType: vehicule_multi.ground.Buggy_MP

The default is water.JetSki0

Change to
That will give you the Blue JetSki above.

The Glider is just the same, Where it says EntityClass:
Underneath it will say Name: air.Paraglider0
Change the above to air.Paraglider_MP0
Lower down it will say tplCreatureType: vehicule_multi.air.Paraglider
Change that to vehicule_multi.air.Paraglider_MP

I am sure that it is possible to get a tiger stripe Glider - I will have to play around and try to work it out.

Vehicle Sizes

Just change the scale as shown in the pic above, the default size for any vehicle is 1.1.1
If you put you get a vehicle 4 times smaller - is half the size
2.2.2 = twice the size - 10.10.10 = ten times bigger, Just play around with the sizes but remember huge vehicles cause lag.