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As you are no doubt aware Ziplines can be modded, you can have them going upwards and alter the scale/size of them.

You can alter the speed, make the line invisible and use them to teleport.

I will start with the basics and add in more info at a later date.

Zipline Going Up

Ok first you need to find the Start and End of the zipline you are wanting to alter - I will explain more on locating specific ziplines later.

For this tutorial the zipline I want going upwards uses the Start1 and End1 at the bottom of the screen below.

Find the Start and End coordinates.
To do this just click on the blue down arrow to the left hand side of Start1 and End1, this will then open up the info for the start and end location of the zipline.

Copy the coordinates for later
I find the easiest way is to open up a text document, I then copy and paste the coordinates from the customizer into the text doc.

This is good as a reference for later.

Swap the Start and End locations.

Ok the start location is 13.0804.86.9457.119.723
the End location is 188.645.72.4414.18.2336

This is simple - just swap the coordinates around so that the Start uses the end coordinates and the End uses the start coordinates.

Think about it - a zipline goes downwards from the start to the end, now for this zipline to go upwards you need to start at what would be the end and go upwards to what would be the start.

It is a lot easier to copy the coordinates from the text doc and paste them into the coordinates on the customizer - if you mess up the numbers it won't work - so make sure you write them down somewhere.

Once you have changed the coordinates around you need to save otherwise your progress will be lost.
Save then Rebuild Map when everything you need to alter has been done. You also have to Rehash and Resign the file before the changes will work.

Finding the right zipline

In my zippy up fatty it was really easy because I used all 8 ziplines to go upwards, so this was just a matter of swapping the Start and End coordinates around for each zipline.

A problem would be to place 8 ziplines in a map and locate only one zipline to go upwards from the 8 available.

The easiest way would be to make the map and place the zipline which you want to go upwards first, load the map into the customizer and write down the coordinates for the zip, then go back to the editor and add in the other ziplines. (remember that if you make any changes in this customizer you will not be able to open the map file in the far cry in game editor - so always keep a back up of a clean map file)

One other way is to finish off your map with all ziplines added, then change around the start and end locations for one zipline, exit and try out the map - If you got it wrong swap back the coordinates as they were and move on to the next zipline in the list - keep changing the start and end locations until you get the zipline you want going upwards. This method can be time consuming and a pain in the backside - remember to log down all the start and end coordinates for each zipline before you start altering things as it is easy to end up in a mess (I have done this many times)


To find the scale and speed you scroll down the list until you find the ziplines listed, knowing which is the correct zipline really is a pain - if you already know the coordinates for the zipline you can check them to see if they match - when you click the blue arrow next to the zipline it will open up the box where you will find the scale and maxSpeed: as shown below.

The scale / size for a zipline works in the same way as the vehicles.
Default size is 1.1.1 so will be half the size and 2.2.2 will be twice the size.
Have a play around with different sizes if you need to alter the scale.

Speed is a different thing, the default speed comes under maxSpeed: (as seen in the picture above)
You have to be careful because if you increase the speed to much I am sure that you can slam into the zip pole and die - you can also make the ziplines go slower - just alter the number and try some things out, I generally stick at around 22 for the speed - you could always look at Real Invaders and copy the speed from that upwards zipline as an example.

Invisible Zipline
I am confident that where it says HiddenInGame: 0
If you change it to HiddenInGame: 1
That should make the zipline invisible, I will need to double check to make sure it is right.

This is something I have played around with but it seemed to be a little un-stable.
The issue I had was trying to teleport from ground level up to the top of a mountain, however everything on the same level worked fine, I will try a few more things out and post back here with any findings.