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old boy thinking of coming back......

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Joined: 07/29/2006
hi all, sicedice is my tag, across most platforms, it never changes, more than 10 years worth. lol

now, i'm not new to the site, but my intro is missing , so here is a new one and a nice update for those that new of me 7 years ago. (im ze evil one, stubborn, fallen champ,mac777777, boa, and others i just would take to long to type.)

look up my maps, instincts ,evo, predator, fc2, and now soon i hope fc3(pc & xbox(if it'll recognise the disc, and maybe later ps3)

i'm a family man, and they are mostly gamers too, love fps and some others , driving and wow, please add me on any platform you're on, and i should be able to add you and please add me, i'd like to catch up with all including those i don't know.....

show me your maps, i'm constructive to the point to be helpfull and i won't put down any maps, it's not my way.....
so don't be shy to say hello to me.....

i will be remaking some of my maps, due to fc3 having similar brushes to predator, and with the cut out tool to make caves, i think i'll be having some fun redoing them with out glitch points...... lol

see you all around......


if the map isn't to plans , just wing it ....... i do .....
gamer tag: sice dice        psn : sice_dice
xlinkkai: sice-dice             xbox connect: sice-dice
ubi pc tag: sicedice          steam:   sice_dice